Funding Opportunities

February 12th, 2014


Innovation Follow-on Call:  Enabling innovation in the UK and developing countries – JeS now open

Pathfinder grants available

The Follow-on Fund is a ‘proof of concept’ fund to support the commercialisation of ideas arising from NERC-funded research. It picks up where research grants finish and enables those research outputs to be further developed so their commercial potential can be realised.

Before applying to the Follow-on Fund it is recommended that you have a good understanding of the market environment for your technology, a clear idea of who you believe will be interested in it, and why, and that you have a credible plan for driving your project towards an appropriate commercial outcome. If you are uncertain on any of these issues you are strongly advised to apply for a Pathfinder grant. This funding is available all year round but early application this calendar year provides a better chance of applying for the Follow-on Fund call opened in the spring and will be closing in September 2017.

Examples of activities that NERC has supported include technology licensing, launching technology-based products or services, selling know-how based consultancy services, and the commercialisation of NERC-funded datasets.

For further information go to the website or contact the Senior Programme Manager, Tessa Edgecombe (tjed@nerc.ac.uk/01793 442610).