Media Partners of Sensing in Water 2017

SWIG wishes to thank the media partners of Sensing in Water 2017:

Aqua Enviro is a leading, specialist environmental consultancy, conference and training provider in the water, wastewater, bio-resources and organic waste sectors.
 WaterBriefing is an information service, delivering daily news, company data and product information straight to the desks of purchasers, users and specifiers of equipment and services in the UK water and wastewater industry.
The quarterly magazine Water and Sewerage Journal delivers expert comment and features on a wide range of topics within the water and wastewater processing industries. The title is also hosted on the environmental news site www.eaem.co.uk
Combining the water engineering focus of WWT with the contractor focus of WET News, WWTonline offers a topics-based approach to the latest news and opinion, interviews with industry leaders, project-based case studies, research and more.