About SWIG

UK legislation, changing European Directives, competitive business pressures and customer expectations are driving needs for new sensors and novel applications. Environmental, water and waste treatment and process industries are reviewing and exploring new ways to use both old and new sensor technology to monitor and control water quality.

SWIG promotes the dissemination of information on sensor developments and fosters collaboration through targeted workshops. SWIG offers a cost effective way of maintaining an up to date knowledge of, and dissemination of, information on individual new technologies and/or sensor applications. SWIG workshops also consider the effect of existing and forecast regulations and legislation on the design and use of environmental and process measurements.

SWIG workshops are also a great place to meet new customers and find new suppliers!

SWIG was originally set up in 1993 along with other special Interest Groups, with funding from the DTI Advanced Sensor Technology Transfer Programme. SWIG became a limited company in 1996. In 2013 we celebrated 20 years of SWIG!

Aims and Objectives

  • Provide a forum for manufacturers, end users and researchers in the sensor community to test new ideas,  exchange views and network.
  • Provide workshops that concentrate on practical applications and current challenges for measurement and control in the water, wastwater and natural waters.
  • Encourage collaboration between all parties interested in research, development and use of sensors for the control and measurement of water quality and quantity.

Please see our latest SWIG leaflet 2017 to learn more about SWIG