Data Visualisation and Interpretation

November 21st, 2012

This well attended workshop was kindly hosted by RS Hydro at the Chateau Impney, jointly chaired by Dene Marshallsay of Artesia Consulting and Darren Reynolds of UWE, with 48 delegates battling through adverse weather to attend! We heard about a diverse range of the latest available data visualisation and interpretation techniques. Simon Browning of RS Hydro told us about real life examples of landscape-scale monitoring and techniques for managing time series data from distributed sensor networks. Chris Burton of SCISYS then talked us through data visualisation techniques including geospatial data. Simon Mazier of Perceptive Engineering then told us about vital predictive diagnostics for early fault detection.

Steve Beadler of Schneider Electric explained how the water industry can learn from other industries to improve performance, leak management, pressure management and use of weather forecasting. We then heard from the academics: Professor Chris Brunsdon of Liverpool University outlined how complex data sets can be visualised, in particular how data from social networking i.e. ‘citizen science’ or ‘volunteered geographical information’ can be useful resource as long as the data is managed in a careful way. Keith Huxford of CSols then provided a case study of new software developed with South West Water for analytical quality control of data manipulation, charting and regulatory compliance reporting. Keith Ponsonby of Callidus then provided a surprisingly amusing talk about statistics and how to avoid the common pitfalls when working with data.

Matt Dibbs of Meteor Communication then provided an interesting overview of the powerful end-to-end solutions for data collection, management, modelling and visualisation in use in the water industry today and a look at future developments.