Developments in nutrient monitoring workshop

July 9th, 2019

This workshop was held at the National Motorcycle museum and created some lively debate about instruments, sensors and maintenance.

Overall it was another useful workshop which provided a lot of valuable information about permitting, the need to measure phosphate or nitrate, the instruments available, the data which they can produce and the maintenance requirements. The presentations are available to download on the SWIG website.

The day started with a Presentation from the Environment Agency describing the ‘Flexible Permitting’ initiatives being trialled as a way to control nutrient inputs into a catchment from various sources including water company treatment works. That was followed by a presentation from LGC about their quality assurance schemes.

After the mid morning coffee we had presentations from Sea-bird scientific describing the improvements made to their deployable phosphate analyser. Then a talk from EMS ltd about a control system which uses data from various sensors to control the phosphate discharge from a treatment works. The last presentation before lunch was another from the Environment Agency about their real time monitoring network.

After a good lunch we had two presentations on new equipment. South West sensors described their nitrate analyser which determines the nitrate concentration in small sample droplets, potentially giving a near continuous measurement using a small amount of reagent. The final presentation was from TE Laboratories describing their microfluidic chromatography system for nitrate monitoring.

There were many technical conversations during the breaks and the group discussion at the end of the session concentrated on the potential value of nutrient instruments, along with their maintenance and quality control requirements.

If you are interested in taking part in a future workshop, have any topic suggestions or want to attend and learn about water instruments then contact rosa.richards@swig.org.uk or talk to your company’s lead representative.