From micro to macro: making water measurements meaningful

July 7th, 2017

As the oft-quoted adage says, ‘you can’t control what you can’t measure’. So how is the development and uptake of meaningful measurement faring at all levels of the water capture and treatment industry?

The water industry is increasingly being driven to deliver more for less by improving the efficiency of its operations, whilst at the same time environmental standards are becoming more stringent. There is also a move increasingly towards a ‘production’ factory approach to both water and wastewater treatment to drive efficiencies and work towards a circular model of resource use. Instrumentation for process control is therefore becoming more and more important.

At the catchment scale, a growing population and agriculture is creating increasing pressure on water bodies.

How can you achieve meaningful measurement of water at all of these different scales?

Full article published online in Energy & Environment Magazine (publisher of the Water & Sewerage Journal)