Sensing in Water 2019

Our 5th biennial conference and exhibition was a great success, with 158 water industry professionals and 30 exhibitors over the 2 days of the conference and exhibition at the Nottingham Belfry. Oliver Grievson, our Deputy Chairman has provided a write up of the conference.

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Please scroll down for more info including presentations which can be downloaded in pdf format.

The provisional dates for Sensing in Water 2023 are the 27 and 28 September 2023, so save the dates in your diary!

Chris Hines MBE, our after dinner speaker

Our delegates comprised water companies, regulators, researchers, suppliers and consultants. We held a gala dinner on 25th September, with an inspiring speech by Chris Hines MBE on ‘The unsung heroes’ [of the water industry]. Thank you to everyone’s generosity during the gala dinner – we raised over £1,300 for Water Aid! This money will be used to improve access to clean water and sanitation by Water Aid.

The over arching theme of Sensing in Water was:

“Finding sense amongst the noise

Andrew Chappell, Chairman of SWIG

Alison Fergusson, Associate Director of Ofwat and keynote speaker on 25 September gave us a good overview of Ofwat’s vision going forward.

Angela Smith MP, would have been our Keynote speaker on 26 September, but was recalled to parliament – she sent us a brilliant speech about the future challenges and confidence in the water industry in responding to these challenges.

Presentations can be downloaded in pdf format from the links below:

Sensing in Water 2019: Day 1 – 25th September

Keynote Speaker –Alison Fergusson, Associate Director of Ofwat

Catchment monitoring

  1. Welsh Water 2050-Our Vision For Smart Catchments. Rhys Stephens, Welsh Water
  2. Is it possible to detect phosphate loads using surrogate methods? Dave Walker, Detectronic
  3. Predicting Disinfection By-Product Formation. Mark Whatton, QCL
  4. Real time monitoring of cattle access points – using water IoT to build decision support tools  Ciprian Briciu, DCU

Drainage & infrastructure

  1. A regulatory perspective on sewerage & inlet works spill & flow monitoring. Phil Hulme & Rob Whittaker, EA
  2. Smart management of drainage networks. Robin Corbie, Technolog & Debbie Bell, Anglian Water
  3. Autonomous Monitoring and Management of Wastewater Networks in Practice. Prof. Pete Skipworth, EMS
  4. ‘Pipebots’: micro robots in drainage systems. Will Shepherd and Kirill Horoshenkov, University of Sheffield

Sensing in Water 2017: Day 2 – 26th September

Keynote Speaker – Angela Smith MP and member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Water in absentia speech given by Andrew Chappell, SWIG Chairman

Distribution monitoring networks

  1. A water company perspective on smart water. Derek Leslie, Severn Trent Water
  2. Understanding root cause of discolouration of water supply.  John Gaffney, Siemens
  3. Enhanced use of (multi-parameter) sensors to meet Performance Commitments. Frank van der Kleij, Bristol Water
  4. A Machine Learning approach to predict low Cl concentrations in water distribution trunk mains. Grigorios Kyritsakas, University of Sheffield

Data analytics

  1. Smart networks & IoT. Anna Poberezhna, Smart 4Tech
  2. ROI requires good data – abstraction on the Felixstowe peninsula. Matt Ellison, Wireless Innovation
  3. Changing thinking and people’s behaviours , Julien Lancha, Advizzo
  4. Transforming water supply through AI-enabled digitalization pathways,  Guangtao Fu, University of Exeter