Sensing in Water 2019

Our 5th biennial conference and exhibition was a great success, with 158 water industry professionals and 30 exhibitors over the 2 days of the conference and exhibition at the Nottingham Belfry. Oliver Grievson, our Deputy Chairman has provided a write up of the conference.

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Please scroll down for more info including presentations which can be downloaded in pdf format.

The provisional dates for Sensing in Water 2019 are the 29 & 30 September 2021, so save the dates in your diary!

Chris Hines MBE, our after dinner speaker

Our delegates comprised water companies, regulators, researchers, suppliers and consultants. We held a gala dinner on 25th September, with an inspiring speech by Chris Hines MBE on ‘The unsung heroes’ [of the water industry]. Thank you to everyone’s generosity during the gala dinner – we raised over £1,300 for Water Aid! This money will be used to improve access to clean water and sanitation by Water Aid.

The over arching theme of Sensing in Water was:

“Finding sense amongst the noise

Andrew Chappell, Chairman of SWIG

Alison Fergusson, Associate Director of Ofwat and keynote speaker on 25 September gave us a good overview of Ofwat’s vision going forward.

Angela Smith MP, would have been our Keynote speaker on 26 September, but was recalled to parliament – she sent us a brilliant speech about the future challenges and confidence in the water industry in responding to these challenges.

Presentations can be downloaded in pdf format from the links below:

Sensing in Water 2019: Day 1 – 25th September

Keynote Speaker –Alison Fergusson, Associate Director of Ofwat

Catchment monitoring

  1. Welsh Water 2050-Our Vision For Smart Catchments. Rhys Stephens, Welsh Water
  2. Is it possible to detect phosphate loads using surrogate methods? Dave Walker, Detectronic
  3. Predicting Disinfection By-Product Formation. Mark Whatton, QCL
  4. Real time monitoring of cattle access points – using water IoT to build decision support tools  Ciprian Briciu, DCU

Drainage & infrastructure

  1. A regulatory perspective on sewerage & inlet works spill & flow monitoring. Phil Hulme & Rob Whittaker, EA
  2. Smart management of drainage networks. Robin Corbie, Technolog & Debbie Bell, Anglian Water
  3. Autonomous Monitoring and Management of Wastewater Networks in Practice. Prof. Pete Skipworth, EMS
  4. ‘Pipebots’: micro robots in drainage systems. Will Shepherd and Kirill Horoshenkov, University of Sheffield

Sensing in Water 2017: Day 2 – 26th September

Keynote Speaker – Angela Smith MP and member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Water in absentia speech given by Andrew Chappell, SWIG Chairman

Distribution monitoring networks

  1. A water company perspective on smart water. Derek Leslie, Severn Trent Water
  2. Understanding root cause of discolouration of water supply.  John Gaffney, Siemens
  3. Enhanced use of (multi-parameter) sensors to meet Performance Commitments. Frank van der Kleij, Bristol Water
  4. A Machine Learning approach to predict low Cl concentrations in water distribution trunk mains. Grigorios Kyritsakas, University of Sheffield

Data analytics

  1. Smart networks & IoT. Anna Poberezhna, Smart 4Tech
  2. ROI requires good data – abstraction on the Felixstowe peninsula. Matt Ellison, Wireless Innovation
  3. Changing thinking and people’s behaviours , Julien Lancha, Advizzo
  4. Transforming water supply through AI-enabled digitalization pathways,  Guangtao Fu, University of Exeter