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Sensors for Water Interest Group

Connecting the water challenges of today with the sensing solutions of tomorrow

Discover, Connect, Innovate with SWIG: Your gateway to the forefront of water sensor technology. Join our dynamic community of industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to shape the next generation of sensor-driven solutions. Together, we pioneer solutions, share insights, and drive progress for a smarter, cleaner world.


Who Are SWIG?

SWIG was originally set up in 1993 along with other Special Interest Groups, with funding from the DTI Advanced Sensor Technology Transfer Programme. SWIG became a limited company in 1996. We are a not for profit information, ideas-exchange, and networking group with a diverse membership drawn from the water and process industries, sensor manufacturers and their distributers, academic institutions involved in sensor research, regulatory bodies and consultants working in the field of water management.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make the world of water a better place through the informed use of sensors. We do this by increasing the understanding and use of sensors in water and wastewater processes, in water networks and in the natural environment.

We welcome interest from all water sensor enthusiasts.

What SWIG Does...

SWIG provides a platform for manufacturers, end-users, and researchers in the water sensor community to exchange ideas and test new concepts. Our technical workshops foster collaboration and keep attendees up-to-date with developments, technologies, and regulations. We encourage collaboration among all parties interested in the research and use of sensors for water measurement and control. We attend industry conferences, host a biennial Sensing in Water conference, and hold competitions for early researchers and photographers. All water sensor enthusiasts are welcome.


SWIG is a private, non profit making company, limited by guarantee and without share capital, and registered in England. SWIG is controlled by a board of directors, retiring in rotation and elected by the members at an Annual General Meeting. The activity and administration of SWIG is carried out by a secretary appointed by the board.

Upcoming SWIG Events

SWIG Board of Directors

2024/25 Member Organisations



Extremely Useful

Within 48 hours of the workshop there has been a lot of LinkedIn traffic saying how useful the workshop was - well done!


28 February 2024

Great Networking

Impeccable organisation, a well equipped venue, and exceptional speakers made for an invaluable experience. A resounding 5/5 for the content.


12 July 2023

Organised and Efficient

An excellent event that I found very informative, interesting and professionally helpful.


30 November 2023

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