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Operation & Maintenance Workshop Review

Updated: May 25, 2023

Yesterday, SWIG held a successful workshop on the Operation & Maintenance of Sensors in the Water Industry, hosted by ABB in Milton Keynes. Industry experts with many years of experience gathered to discuss the challenges faced by water companies, suppliers, and end-users in maintaining sensors.

The event was a resounding success and was filled with engaging conversations and informative presentations. Presenters discussed how to identify and target sensors in a critical condition, as well as the benefits of outsourcing maintenance to trained professionals and utilising new sensor technologies.

Throughout the workshop, the importance of proper installation and ongoing training for skills retention was emphasised to prevent common installation and maintenance errors. These are essential factors in ensuring that sensors function optimally.

We owe a huge thanks to ABB for hosting the event at their outstanding venue, which included a tour of their outstanding robotics facility. ABB was an instrumental partner in making the event possible. A huge thank you to Mike Sparrey and Craig Windsor of ABB for ensuring the event was a success.!

Our exhibitors: UD Live, Katronic, ABB, DP Flow, Flexim, and Badger Meter, showcased their cutting-edge sensor technologies, providing participants with valuable insights into how these technologies can benefit the water industry.

Thank you to everyone who participated, including ABB, the exhibitors, our extremely knowledgeable speakers, water companies and all attendees who made the event possible. We hope to see you all at another SWIG event soon!

PDF versions of all presentations will now need to be accessed via the Members' Area:

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