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Raffle: Win a Unique Bottle of Whisky and Support WaterAid!

We have an exciting opportunity for all whisky enthusiasts and charitable souls out there! Get ready to participate in a raffle where you can win an exclusive and one-of-a-kind bottle of whisky. This extraordinary bottle, unavailable anywhere else, has been carefully crafted as a single cask single malt in honor of a SWIG Director's father. With rich caramel undertones, this whisky is the epitome of indulgence and uniqueness.

Raffle Details: Tickets must be purchased at the Monitoring CSOs event on 12th July to comply with Gambling Committee regulations.

The winning ticket will be drawn at the event.

Each raffle ticket costs only £5, and the best part is that every penny raised will be donated to WaterAid, a remarkable organisation dedicated to providing clean water and sanitation to those in need.

The Whisky's Exceptional Journey: Produced as a single cask single malt, it has spent a remarkable 12 years maturing in a Pedro Ximenez sherry cask. This aging process has bestowed upon it deep and alluring caramel undertones, offering a truly unforgettable taste experience. It's important to note that this bottle is 100% unique and cannot be found anywhere else. It's not available for sale, making it an extraordinary collector's item for any whisky connoisseur.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to win a remarkable bottle of whisky and support WaterAid's life-changing work.

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