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Innovation in Environmental Monitoring (IEM) Funding Opportunity Webinar

NERC is hosting a webinar to launch the new Innovation in Environmental Monitoring (IEM) funding opportunity, co-funded by NERC and Defra (to be announced soon). The webinar will be held at 11:00am to midday on Wednesday 30 August 2023. Iain Williams (Director, Strategic Partnerships, NERC) and Gideon Henderson (Chief Scientific Advisor, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) will be introducing the £7m opportunity, which will fund projects to develop innovative approaches towards environmental monitoring at a sensor or systems-based level in areas of joint strategic interest.

The aims of the webinar are to:

  • Outline the funding opportunity

  • Facilitate networking and collaboration

  • Hold a question-and-answer session

To register for this event please complete this form. For more information please contact

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