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AI, ML and IOT Workshop Review

Updated: May 27, 2023

Yesterday, the highly anticipated AI, ML, and IoT workshop took place at the Inmarsat office in London, co-sponsored by Ground Control. The event was a resounding success, drawing a diverse audience consisting of academics, water companies, suppliers, and regulators.

The workshop featured an impressive lineup of industry experts who delved into the fascinating topic of artificial intelligence and its applications within the water industry. Attendees were treated to insightful discussions on the pros and cons of using AI, along with captivating case studies that showcased its effectiveness and highlighted its potential for the future.

Inmarsat, the host of the event, provided a fantastic venue that received high praise from all participants. The highlight of the day was a the tour of their Network Operations Centre (NOC), which provided a glimpse into the cutting-edge technologies and operations that drive their success. A big shoutout goes to Nicole Snowling, Polina Perry, Melanie Gasperie, and Damian Lewis for their instrumental roles in organising the event and making it a memorable experience.

Leading the day's discussions as chairman was Dr. Alex Gray, whose expertise and guidance helped steer the workshop toward insightful and relevant conversations. Attendees were captivated by the breadth and depth of knowledge presented throughout the day.

The exhibitors at the event (DP Flow, UD Live, Ground Control, Inmarsat, Gutermann, and 8Power) showcased their remarkable sensor technologies, adding immense value to the workshop and sparking conversations around what lies ahead for sensors in water.

This event provided a platform for exchanging knowledge, exploring the potential of artificial intelligence, and fostering collaboration. Thank you to everyone who participated, including our hosts and sponsors, our chairman, the exhibitors, our extremely knowledgeable speakers, water companies and all attendees who make SWIG events possible.

"So, as we navigate the uncertain waters of technological advancements, let's keep our goggles on, ready to explore the depths of innovation. And who knows, perhaps the fingerprints of ChatGPT can be detected in the currents of this article. After all, it's just another splash in the vast ocean of AI possibilities!" ;-)

We hope to see you all at another SWIG event soon!

Please find PDF versions of each presentation here, these will be publicly available for one month, but will then need to be accessed via the Members' Area:

Alex Gray - Optimisation of a Water Company’s Waste Pumping Asset Base With a Focus on Ene
Download • 1.86MB

Katy Bevan - Wastewater Networks Optimisation
Download PDF • 1.60MB

James Ballard - Building Intelligence in the Water Sector
Download PDF • 2.34MB

Inmarsat & Ground Control - Resilient Connectivity, enabling IoT solutions for Water Monit
Download • 8.73MB

James Houlton - Intelligence in Water
Download PDF • 615KB

Peter Melville-Shreeve - When Will ChatGPT Fix Our Stormwater Overflows
Download PDF • 3.17MB

Stephen Wigley - Leveraging IoT Principles for Closed Loop Control
Download PDF • 1.60MB

A copy of the recorded event can be found here:

Please accept our apologies that the slide show stopped working towards the end of the recording, we hope that you are able to match the audio to the presentations above.

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